The Law Offices of Vincent S. Wong is a highly experienced corporate and securities firm concentrating in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, and securities law.

We represent individual shareholders, private equity funds and investment banks in a variety of corporate transactional and litigation matters.


Our attorneys practice in the five boroughs of New York City and in New Jersey, with offices in downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. Members of our staff are fluent in several foreign languages including Mandarin, Fuzhounese, Cantonese, Taisanese, Korean, and Burmese (Myanmar).

我們的事務所在紐約五個行政區及新澤西州執業. 事務所位於曼哈頓下城及布魯克林. 我們的職員精通多種外國語言, 包括普通話,福州話, 廣東話,台山話,韓國語及緬甸語.

About Vincent Wong ESQ 關於黃律師

Vincent S. Wong has more than 20 years of experience in law and business, and has held positions with top law firms and organizations in the world, including:

黃律師擁有超過20年經驗在法律和企業,及曾經在世界各地的頂尖的律師事務所及組織中任職. 包括:

Vincent S. Wong represents corporations and individuals in complex litigation matters, primarily relating to corporate or commercial matters. Mr. Wong is admitted to practice law in New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. He also regularly lectures on corporate, securities and transactional issues. Mr. Wong is also licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in New York.

In addition to speaking regularly to business and trade organizations on law and business topics, Mr. Wong has published a book entitled “Real Estate Law 2011/2012” in the English and Chinese languages.

黃德勝律師代表個人及企業處理複雜的訴訟事項,及涉及到企業或商業的問題. 黃律師有資格在紐約州,新澤西州,華盛頓特區及賓夕法尼亞州法律執業. 而且,黃律師擁有紐約的註冊會計師的執照.

此外, 黃律師經常為商業及貿易組織講解有關於法律與企業的話題, 並出了一本名為”Real Estate Law 2011/2012”的有中英文版本的書



Federal Courts


Chinese (Taisanese) and Burmese

Your Rights During
Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions are an integral part of the financial world with transactions often reaching into the billions of dollars. Although company management and boards of directors are obligated maximize shareholder value when contemplating a sale, there are times when their interests and the interests of the shareholders they serve diverge.

For example, company insiders may prefer a particular transaction that offers them certain financial incentives, such as post-merger employment opportunities, even while other offers that provide a greater return to shareholders may be available. Also, in some instances, the company may fail to disclose important information regarding a proposed transaction thereby rendering the public shareholders unable to properly vote on whether the transaction should proceed.

The Law Offices of Vincent Wong have significant experience in protecting shareholder rights and in helping shareholders of publicly traded company defend their best interests during a merger or sale of the company.

If you believe you have been wronged please contact us and one of our attorneys will contact you. There is no cost or obligation and your message does not automatically establish an attorney-client relationship.


併購是金融世界中一部份,並且有時候交易可以高達數十億美元. 當管理層或董事會預計出售公司時,儘管他們有義務為股東獲得最大利益, 但是有很多時候,他們的利益和股東的利益不一致.

例如, 即使其他交易可能會帶給股東更大的回饋, 公司的內部人士可能選擇某些會帶來他們財政上的利益,好像合併後的就業機會等,的交易. 而且在一些實例中, 有一些公司可能無法公開有關交易的重要消息, 因此令到公眾股東無法正確地決定應不應該繼續交易.


如果你認為你的利益受到損害, 請聯絡我們. 我們的律師會聯絡你. 無需任何費用或責任. 你的信息不會自動建立律師和客戶的關係.

Submit a Claim 提交索賠申請

We offer case evaluations to shareholders interested in defending their rights during a merger or acquisition. Please submit the form below if you believe you have been wronged and one of our attorneys will contact you. There is no cost or obligation.

我們為在併購中想保護自己的權利的股東們提供情況評估. 無需任何費用或責任, 如果你認為你的利益受到損害,請填寫右邊的表格. 我們的律師會聯絡你.

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